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This Sunday, May 15, is race #3.  Looks like it’s going to be a nice day for racing.  This will be the last club race before the 1st MWS race in Toledo on May 21-22.  Come on out and have some fun in the sun!!!!  I’ll have the points and results up this week.  SEE EVERYONE SUNDAY!!!


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Reminder that next Sunday, May 8th, is Mothers Day and we have no race.  You get to spend the day with whatever wonderful mother is in your life.  Have a great week and we’ll see eve

Races 1 and 2 in the books

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So far mother nature has been kind to us.  We have been able to get both races in without getting rained on.  Matt Carone was able to seal the 1st place spot in 1/8th in the first race, but because he chose to not join us today he let John Schweitzer come in and get the win for the second race.  In 1/10th Ken Miller has taken 1st in both races.  Good running Ken!!  We had a group of 13.5 touring electric racers for the first race, but not for today.  Jeremiah Ward was able to take the 1st place spot in this race.  Hopefully everyone has had fun for the first 2 weeks of racing.  We look forward to this season.  Thanks to all who have come to run and all who have helped with everything at the track.


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We are doing our yearly track set up on Saturday 4/16.  We will be there from 11am-approximately 3pm or when we get done.  We need all the hands we can get for this please.  Bring hammers, blowers, cutters for tie straps, cordless drills, gloves, etc.  The big project will be repairing any wind damage done and putting in the new back stretch boards.

Sunday 4/17 will be test n tune.  This is a good time to get all the kinks out of your cars and ask for any help that might be needed.  We start racing the following Sunday. We will open the gates at 10am.  2016 NITRO SEASON HAS BEGUN!!!!!

Race No.4 Update

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Matt Carone edged out John Schuster for top qualifier by .6 sec during the second qualifying round.  David Leslie would start third, followed by John Schweitzer and Doug Flack.  Dennis Young would remain in the pits with electrical troubles.
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Race 2 – Race against the elements

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With overcast skies and falling temperatures, TSRCAR completed Race 2.  With the threat of rain all day, drivers were making the most of their qualifying attempts in case mains were canceled and points would revert to qualifying order.

In 1/8 Open, Keith Gray edged out Matt Carone for the TQ spot by 6.5 seconds.  Each driver finished with 21 laps.  John Schweitzer edged out Dave Leslie for third by just 1/10 of a second.  Dennis Young was fifth 4 seconds behind John and Doug Flack would qualify sixth.

In the main, Keith Gray would loose the number one position to Matt Carone in the first lap.  Keith made a few mistakes before exiting the track on lap 31 with a mechanical failure.  Matt would not relinquish the lead during the 20 minute final.  Position battles were tight for the remaining field.  Dennis Young was finally able to clear himself of the field and finish in second one lap ahead of David Leslie.  John Schweitzer finished three seconds behind David.  Doug Flack dropped out with mechanical trouble with just three minutes remaining and finished fifth.

In touring car, Tom Bracket edged out Chuck Pfahler for the TQ position.  Tom was five seconds faster than Chuck who started second followed by Donald Belcher.   Donald chose not to run the main which left a two man race.  Tom was leading but dropped out with mechanical trouble on lap 28.  Chuck would stay on track to take the lead and then the race would be shortened due to rain.

Electric touring saw four drivers racing for bragging rights.  Chris Preisinger would edge out Jeremiah Ward by three seconds.  Chris Simpson would start third followed by Chuck Pfahler.  Unfortunately the rain would not let up long enough to complete the electric touring mains.

Race No. 1 – Matt Carone Wire To Wire

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Matt Carone 1/8 Open Winner

Matt Carone
1/8 Open Winner

Matt Carone picked up where he left off from last year.  Matt was top qualifier by finishing 21 laps, one lap more than any other driver.  Matt was able to capitalize on his TQ position and took the overall win in 1/8 Open.  Keith Gray was second in qualifying and though had a few missteps during the A-Main, he was able to pull out a second place finish.  David Leslie rounded out the top three finishers for the day.

Donal Belcher Nitro Touring Winner

Donald Belcher
Nitro Touring Winner

In 1/10 Nitro Touring, Tom Brackett made his return to TSRCAR and qualified first.  However, he suffered electrical issues and had to park the car during the main.  This allowed Donald Belcher to cruise to an A-Main victory.

Club Race May 3

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April 26th was the start of the 2015 season for TSRCAR.  Due to Saturdays washout of Test and Tune the club used Sunday’s scheduled race as a test.  The scoring loop has been moved underground and worked flawlessly.  Sound system was fully operational, loud and clear.  Traction was good and the surface showed little tire wear.  A few qualifiers were run to test the scoring system and everything went well.

This weekend, May 3, we will start the club champion points.  Gates will be open, on Anthony Wayne Ave, at 9am.  Racing typically begins around 12pm.  We look forward to catching up with our regular racers as well seeing a few new faces.